This is the story of our journey out of the flames.

One year ago our house caught on fire.

The fire started in the garage with a loud crash that sounded like something fell on the roof. When we rushed outside to see what the problem was, we noticed that the garage doors were starting to bulge out. I went back inside to see what caused the bulge and saw that the fire had started in the far corner of the garage. I tried to save the car closest to the door but I couldn't get it start immediately so I had to bail. Unfortunately, the fire leaped from the far side of the garage to my side which resulted in my receiving second degree burns to my head as I went back into the house just ahead of the flames. Coincidentally, as the smoke rose from the garage, a reporter showed up to record the fire. He arived before the fire departments and the EMS. By the time the fire had reached the other side of the roof, all of Rowan County was aware.

We have so far received everything we have needed to have the appearance of normalcy. But we are being hamperred on the rebuild. You can read the detail on our GoFundMe page. We ae looking for just $2 from 50,000 veiwers of this page in order to complete the rebuild.